Star EV vs Icon: Comparing Top Golf Cart Contenders

As the electric vehicle (EV) market expands, you might find yourself contemplating the merits of Star EV versus Icon when it comes to choosing a golf cart. Both brands are well-regarded in the industry for their contributions to eco-friendly transportation, especially in the realm of performance golf carts. Star EV, backed by decades of engineering expertise, offers a diverse range of electric vehicles. Founded in 2003, they rolled out their first vehicle a year later, quickly earning a reputation for robust, street-legal carts. On the other side, Icon has carved out its own place in the market, noted for their innovative designs and high-speed capabilities, with models like the i80 boasting speeds up to 32 MPH.

When weighing the options between Star EV and Icon, the focus often shifts to the finer details that enhance your ride. Comfort, design, and versatility play vital roles. Star EV carts typically come with a two-year warranty, which might reflect their readiness for on-road wear. Icons, meanwhile, are praised for design and comfort, suggesting a smooth, enjoyable ride. Both brands also offer a range of accessories and technical advancements tailored to improve your ownership experience, ultimately aiming to make you ride happy.

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Key Takeaways

  • Star EV and Icon offer competitive options within the EV golf cart market.
  • Both brands prioritize comfort, performance, and accessory offerings in their models.
  • Evaluating the technical specifications, environmental impact, and ownership experiences can help you decide the right EV golf cart to suit your needs.

Comparative Overview of Star EV and Icon

When you’re considering an electric golf cart, Star EV and Icon are two prominent names that might come up. Both offer a range of features and models tailored to different preferences and needs. Let’s dive into the details comparing their history, market position, models, and other essential facets to help you understand what each brand offers.

Brand History and Reputation

Star EV has been developing electric vehicles, including golf carts, for over a decade, building a reputation for innovation. Icon Electric Vehicles entered the market offering stylish and functional electric golf carts. Both brands are known for their commitment to evolving the electric cart industry.

Market Position and Consumer Perception

In the current market, Star EV is well-regarded for their combination of performance and customization. On the other hand, Icon has made a name for itself by delivering carts with higher speed capabilities and street-legal status in many states, making them a popular choice for consumers seeking versatility.

Popular Models Compared

Star EV offers models like the Sirius which is praised for its design and customization options. Icon showcases the Icon i20, i40, and i60 models, with the Icon i20 being a notable option for its blend of features and compact size. Both brands deliver a variety of models to cater to different consumer needs.

Price Point and Value for Money

Star EV carts generally have a competitive price point, providing a balance between cost and features. Icon golf carts are also priced to offer value, often including additional features like higher speeds that some consumers may find appealing.

Overall Quality and Longevity

Star EV and Icon carts are both known to offer quality and durability in their products. Regular maintenance and proper care can extend the life expectancy of any vehicle, and this applies to carts from both brands.

Safety Features

Both Star EV and Icon prioritize safety, equipping their carts with features like seat belts and robust construction. Icon EV carts are particularly noted for being street legal with the necessary safety features for low-speed travel.

Warranty Offerings

Star EV provides a standard two-year warranty with their golf carts. This warranty might be shorter compared to some competitors due to the street-legal nature of these carts and associated wear and tear.

Unique Selling Points

Star EV prides itself on the customization possibilities and sophisticated engineering of its carts. Icon focuses on the performance aspects, offering some models that reach higher speeds, which might be a deciding factor for some buyers.

Drawbacks and Considerations

Considering a golf cart from either Star EV or Icon, take into account factors like the terrain you’ll be using it on, the importance of speed, and whether the cart will be predominantly for recreational or practical use. Each brand has its strengths, but also limitations that may affect your satisfaction depending on your specific needs.

Performance and Power

When considering Star EV and Icon electric vehicles, you want to look closely at their motor capabilities, battery life, and how they handle on and off the course. The intricacies of these elements define your driving experience, whether zipping around the golf course or taking on varied terrain.

Motor and Power Capabilities

Star EV carts boast a range of motor options, with powertrains designed to provide ample torque for diverse driving conditions. Icon electric vehicles, on the other hand, are equipped with a 48V 5KW 3 Phase High Torque Motor that blends power with efficiency, offering a top speed of 27 MPH.

Range and Batteries

The range of your electric vehicle largely depends on the type of battery installed. Star EV typically uses both lithium and AGM batteries, providing a balanced option between longevity and performance. Icon electric vehicles are known to conserve power effectively, though the range can decrease as the battery charge is depleted.

Acceleration and Handling

Handling and acceleration vary between the two brands. Icon golf carts have been tested to display impressive acceleration capabilities, enabling swift increases in speed. Star EV carts, tailored for both street and course use, may exhibit different handling traits due to the variance in terrain and driving conditions.

Off-Road and On-Course Reliability

In terms of reliability, Star EV golf carts offer a sturdy two-year warranty, signaling confidence in their performance off-road and on the golf course. Icon’s robust frame and coil over shock suspension contribute to a reliable ride, ensuring that your vehicle remains stable across different terrains.

Design and Comfort

When choosing between Star EV and Icon golf carts, you’ll find distinct differences in their design and comfort features that cater to your style and comfort preferences. Each brand incorporates its unique approach to how the cart looks and feels to ensure you have an enjoyable ride.

Exterior Styling and Features

Star EV carts boast a sleek design aimed at providing both efficiency and aesthetics. You’ll notice the attention to detail with features such as:

  • LED headlights and daytime running lights for enhanced visibility
  • Paint options that include stylish painted rooftops
  • Durable aluminum wheels that marry function with flair

In contrast, Icon places emphasis on robustness with:

  • A range of paint colors to match your style
  • High beams and LED headlights for optimal illumination

Interior Amenities and Comfort

Settle into Star EV and you find two-tone seats offering quality and comfort, enhancing your driving experience. The carts are also equipped with:

  • Windshields and mirrors for safety and better visibility
  • Turn signals and horns for street-legal operation

Icon caters to your comfort with well-crafted seats and accessibility features:

  • Thoughtfully designed interiors that balance luxury and practicality
  • Functional accessories like seat kits and windshields to improve your ride

Functionality and Customization

Star EV takes the lead with carts that are street legal, meaning they are ready for the road with all necessary safety features such as turn signals, horn, and proper mirrors. Customization is also key with Star EV, offering:

  • A variety of accessories to tailor the cart to your needs
  • Options that enhance both the utility and the style of the cart

Icon offers variety in functionality as well. You can personalize your cart with multiple:

  • Custom options for a personal touch
  • Accessories that ensure your cart suits your lifestyle and requirements

Both brands aim to deliver a blend of style, comfort, and functionality, with a range of options that let you customize your golf cart to be as unique as your game.

Utility and Accessories

When it comes to choosing the right golf cart, utility and accessories play a significant role. Star EV and ICON offer a range of options to fit your needs, whether you’re on the golf course or cruising the neighborhood.

Storage and Carrying Options

Star EV and ICON carts come with ample storage space designed for convenience and functionality. Star EV offers secure glove compartments and under-seat storage areas, ideal for personal items or golf gear. ICON carts feature similar compartments with added versatility, including cargo beds for hauling more substantial items.

Customization and Accessory Variety

Your golf cart can reflect your personal style thanks to a plethora of customization options. Star EV provides a selection of body colors, seat designs, and steering wheels. ICON stands out with their extensive accessory list that includes seat kits, body kits, and a variety of electronic accessories.

Specialized Add-ons for Golfers

Star EV and ICON know that golfers need specific features, so they offer specialized accessories like golf bag holders and coolers. These add-ons ensure that you can bring all your equipment to the golf course comfortably and keep your drinks cool throughout your game.

Safety and Entertainment Elements

Safety is paramount for both brands. Star EV includes essential safety features like windshields, mirrors, and a horn. ICON not only matches these features but also offers turn signals and a high-mount stop lamp for heightened visibility. For entertainment, both brands sport options for sound systems so you can enjoy music as you drive.

Street-Legal and Transportation Features

Turning your golf cart into a Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) is possible with both Star EV and ICON. Star EV carts come with headlights, seat belts, and speedometers as standard for street legal certification. ICON’s golf carts meet similar LSV standards and bolster transportation capabilities with additional gauges and more powerful speed options for various road conditions.

Technical Specifications and Innovations

When considering a Star EV or an ICON electric golf cart, you’re looking at two leading brands, each with unique technical specifications and innovations. Their cutting-edge advancements and performance features cater to your driving experience and utility.

Latest Technological Advancements

Star EV and ICON are renowned for integrating the latest technology into their vehicles. Star EV offers sophisticated engineering which includes features like digital gauges and on-road capabilities. ICON, on the other hand, is notable for its modern aesthetics and user-friendly interfaces. Both brands focus on delivering performance golf carts equipped with advanced technology to enhance your driving and ownership experience.

Batteries and Charging Systems

The power sources for both Star EV and ICON golf carts are significant in their delivery of efficient and reliable performance.

  • Star EV: Typically comes with a standard battery pack sufficient for your leisure activities.
  • ICON: Offers a robust 48V, 4Kw battery system, featuring a Toyota-designed AC motor.

Both brands have an on-board charger making the charging process convenient. Some models even provide the option for lithium batteries, which are known to last longer and require less maintenance than traditional batteries.

Performance Enhancements

Performance is not just about speed; it’s about the quality of the ride and the ability to handle various terrains. Star EV carts often come with a lift kit option that can be beneficial if you’re navigating rougher pathways. The ICON golf carts boast a powder-coated steel chassis and a sophisticated suspension system that promises durability and a smooth ride.

  • Star EV: Known for street-legal carts often indicating a reinforced structure to handle varied conditions.
  • ICON: Provides a variety of seating configurations, up to 8 passengers, with features that aim to enhance comfort and usability.

Both brands have made strides in optimizing the performance of their vehicles whether you’re on the golf course or the streets.

Ownership Experience

When choosing between Star EV and Icon electric golf carts, your ownership experience will involve aspects such as customer support, community engagement, and the long-term value of your cart. Ride quality, comfort, and reliability are central to your satisfaction, as will the ability to maintain and upgrade your vehicle throughout its lifespan.

Customer Service and Support

Star EV has a reputation for providing robust customer service and offers a comprehensive warranty which underscores their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Star EV’s warranty typically covers parts and labor for varying terms, depending on the component, which reassures you of their product reliability.

Icon, being a newer brand, still has a developing customer service network but has shown a responsive attitude towards customers. The Icon warranty also offers protection for buyers against manufacturing defects, giving you an added sense of security.

Community and Brand Loyalty

Star EV has been around since 2004, developing a loyal customer base and a supportive community. This means you’ll find a plethora of user groups and forums where you can share experiences and get advice for your Star EV cart. The brand loyalty is notable, often tied to the carts’ long-term dependability and the company’s involvement in the community.

Icon, established in 2017, is building its community and brand loyalty with a focus on modern design and features that appeal to a new generation of golf cart users. While their community is smaller, it’s growing steadily as they carve out a space in the market.

Resale Value and Aftermarket

The resale value of your golf cart is an important consideration. Star EV carts typically hold their value well, supported by a strong brand name and wide acceptance on the market. This is further bolstered by an established network for aftermarket parts and upgrades, which can extend the utility and desirability of your golf cart.

Icon is still establishing its resale value presence in the market. However, due to their competitive pricing and modern features, there is potential for Icon carts to maintain good value. The market for Icon aftermarket support is growing, offering more opportunities for you to customize and enhance your golf cart over time.

Environmental Impact

When considering Star EV and Icon electric vehicles (EVs), it’s essential to understand their roles in promoting eco-friendly practices and sustainability within the realm of green transportation. Let’s delve into how these golf carts and low-speed vehicles (LSVs) are making strides in environmental conservation through their design and efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Design and Materials

Both Star EV and Icon have committed to using eco-friendly materials in their vehicle construction. Their design philosophy centers around minimizing environmental footprints which extend beyond just tailpipe emissions, given that these are electric vehicles. The use of recyclable materials and reducing the use of hazardous substances is a cornerstone in the manufacturing of these modern golf carts.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

One of your primary concerns with electric vehicles like Star EV and Icon golf carts might be their energy efficiency. Rest assured, these brands prioritize sustainability; their vehicles are engineered to provide energy-efficient transportation. Not only do they reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, but their electric motors also deliver optimal performance with minimal energy waste, making them a sustainable choice for both recreational and utility purposes.

Contribution to Green Transportation

As part of the wider movement towards green transportation, Star EV and Icon have made significant contributions. They offer you a transportation alternative that does not release emissions during operation, which means a cleaner, quieter drive. Both brands champion electric vehicles as a practical solution to reduce the carbon footprint and mitigate the effects of climate change. As LSVs, they also encourage a shift from conventional vehicles to more environmentally responsible options within communities and urban settings.


When comparing Star EV and Icon electric vehicles, particularly in the realm of golf carts, you’re observing two respectable leaders in the market. Each brand has staked its own claim in the area of eco-friendly transportation with electric vehicles designed to cater to your lifestyle and preferences for leisure or practical use.

Star EV stands out with its aesthetic appeal and a robust set of features. You might find Star EV golf carts aesthetically pleasing with a nod to comfort and style in their designs. With customizable accessories, these carts offer a level of personalization that can be very appealing if you’re looking to ride happy.

On the other hand, Icon electric vehicles pride themselves on safety and durability. The use of materials like powder-coated steel in their chassis suggests a focus on longevity. Icons might appeal to you if value and performance are high on your list, with specifications that ensure you get where you’re going safely and smoothly.

Key Points to Ponder:

  • Star EV
    • Style-focused designs
    • Comfort-driven features
    • Personalizable accessories
  • Icon
    • Safety-oriented build
    • Durable materials
    • High performance

Your decision likely hinges on which aspects of electric vehicle ownership are most important to you. Whether you prioritize the look and feel of your golf cart or the mechanical and safety specifications, both Star EV and Icon offer solid options that merit consideration. Rest assured, your leisurely drives or practical transport needs are covered with either brand. Keep in mind your personal needs and the environment you’ll be driving in, this will guide you toward the best electric vehicle for your world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When exploring the world of electric golf carts, you might have specific queries regarding Star EV and Icon brands. Let’s address some common questions to help you make an informed decision.

What are the common issues faced by Star EV golf cart owners?

Star EV golf cart owners sometimes encounter challenges with battery life and electrical components. Keeping up with regular maintenance can mitigate many of these issues.

How do Star EV golf carts compare to Icon in terms of performance?

Star EV is recognized for its ability to reach speeds up to 28mph, while Icon offers robust performance with versatile features designed for different terrains.

What should I consider when looking at Star EV and Icon golf carts for purchase?

Consider the cart’s speed, battery life, warranty, and whether it has street-legal features like headlights and safety belts, which both Star EV and Icon typically offer.

What are the latest advancements in ICON electric golf carts?

ICON electric golf carts have featured updates such as improved battery indicators and steps to reset the battery gauge, demonstrating a focus on user-friendly interface and maintenance.

Who is the manufacturer behind Star EV golf carts, and how does it impact their quality?

Star EV golf carts are produced by JH Global Services, Inc., and their commitment to sophisticated engineering suggests a focus on reliability and quality craftsmanship.

Between Star EV and Icon, which brand generally receives more favorable reviews?

While both brands have their fans, reviews often highlight the advanced features and reliable performance of Star EV golf carts, though some users prefer Icon for their design and versatility.


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