Bintelli vs Icon Golf Carts: Choosing Your Perfect Ride

When exploring the realm of golf carts, you’re likely to encounter two brands that stand out: Bintelli and Icon. These manufacturers have carved out their niches within the market, attracting golf enthusiasts with their respective features and offerings. Bintelli carts are often recognized for their customizable options, which can range from basic functionality to luxury models with advanced features, reflecting in their pricing that starts at a higher point compared to Icon. Icon, on the other hand, is celebrated for its commitment to affordability while still maintaining a high standard of quality, with their base models priced more accessibly.

Two golf carts, one labeled "Bintelli" and the other "Icon," facing each other on a grassy golf course, ready for a race

Selecting the right golf cart is more than just a matter of price; it’s about finding the perfect balance of performance, style, and utility that fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re meandering through a golf course or using your cart as a nifty neighborhood electric vehicle, the differences in the performance and technology offered by Bintelli and Icon could influence your decision significantly. Both brands boast respectable top speeds and battery range, but nuances in acceleration and drive responsiveness might sway you towards one over the other.

Key Takeaways

Brands Overview

As you explore the various options for electric golf carts, you’ll find that Bintelli and Icon are two brands with significant reputations in the market. You’ll discover how each manufacturer has carved out a space in the golf cart industry, offering quality products tailored for golf enthusiasts.

Bintelli Golf Carts

Bintelli, headquartered in Charleston, SC, is a recognized name on the golf courses. Their electric golf carts are praised for their quality and innovation. With a focus on producing versatile and reliable vehicles, Bintelli ensures that whether you’re navigating the links or just cruising your community, your transportation needs are met robustly.

  • Range: A variety of models catering to different needs, like street-legal and off-road options.
  • Reputation: Known for adaptable capacities and a strong presence in the golf cart market.

Icon Golf Carts

On the other hand, Icon Golf Carts are known for their stylish designs and customizable features. As a newer entrant in the golf cart market, Icon makes a case for itself by providing affordability without skimping on quality. Their golf carts are a hit, especially for those who prioritize personal expression alongside functionality on the golf course.

  • Reputation: Rapidly gaining popularity due to their modern designs and customizable options.
  • Affordability: Offers a competitive pricing structure, which is appealing if you’re looking for value in your purchase.

Design and Style

When choosing between Bintelli and Icon golf carts, you want to factor in the design and style that best suits your personal taste and needs. From the exterior look to the comfort you’ll experience sitting inside, and the variety of customization options available, there’s much to consider.

Exterior Aesthetics

Bintelli golf carts typically showcase a sleek design aimed at blending performance with luxury. They offer a variety of colors, ensuring that you can select a cart that reflects your style. Icon golf carts also come in an array of color options, presenting a modern and stylish exterior. Both brands provide you with designs that stand out on the golf course and make a statement of sophistication.

  • Color options: Various, including custom colors
  • Style: Modern, sleek

Interior Comfort and Seating

In terms of interior comfort, both Bintelli and Icon put a strong emphasis on ensuring a pleasant ride. The seating capacity varies per model, but whether you opt for a two-seater or a model that accommodates more passengers, comfort is not compromised. Icon golf carts often come with plush, marine-grade seating which provides durability and comfort. Similarly, Bintelli offers comfortable seats with the option of adding a rear-facing seat to enhance passenger capacity and comfort for your guests.

  • Seating: Plush, marine-grade materials
  • Comfort features: Durable and comfortable seating, additional rear-facing seat option

Customization Options

Customization is where your golf cart becomes truly yours. Bintelli and Icon both offer an extensive range of accessories and features that can be tailored to your preferences. From custom wheels, to weather enclosures, to premium sound systems, the ability to personalize your golf cart is vast. Whether it is for utility, entertainment, or merely aesthetic appeal, your options to customize ensure that your golf cart is not only a mode of transportation but also a reflection of your individual style and needs.

  • Accessories: Wheels, enclosures, sound systems
  • Customizable: High degree of personalization available

By considering your desired level of luxury, seating capacity, comfort, and the extent of customizable options, you can decide which golf cart’s design and style align best with what you’re looking for. Whether it’s Bintelli’s elegance or Icon’s contemporary charm, your choice will turn heads on the course.

Performance and Technology

Two golf carts, Bintelli and Icon, race on a futuristic track, showcasing their performance and technology

In the competition between Bintelli and Icon golf carts, you’ll notice distinct elements of performance and technology that set these vehicles apart. The focus on speed, power, and innovative features reflects their desire to lead in the electric golf cart market.

Speed and Power

Bintelli golf carts are equipped with a 48-volt AC electric drivetrain, which provides not only power but also efficiency. These carts can achieve a top speed of up to 25 miles per hour, suitable for various environments beyond the golf course. On the other hand, some Icon models slightly exceed this speed threshold, offering quicker acceleration for a more responsive driving experience.

  • Bintelli: Up to 25 mph
  • Icon: Slightly above 25 mph (varies by model)

Battery and Range

The range and longevity of a golf cart are largely dictated by the type and quality of the batteries. Bintelli and Icon golf carts mostly use lithium-ion batteries, which are known for their light weight and long life span compared to traditional lead-acid counterparts. Lithium-ion technology ensures that you have sufficient range to comfortably navigate across expansive courses.

  • Battery Types: Lithium-ion preferred over lead acid
  • Advantage: Longer life span, lighter weight, greater range

Technological Advancements

You’ll find that both Bintelli and Icon golf carts boast advanced technology in various aspects:

  • Electric Power: Emphasizes efficiency and quiet operation.
  • LED Lighting: Includes LED headlights and taillights for improved visibility.
  • High-End Features: Depending on the model, you might encounter suspension systems that promote a smoother ride.

Bintelli and Icon both strive to incorporate features that enhance the driving experience while providing practical benefits. The choice often comes down to specific needs and preferences regarding the level of technology and performance you’re looking for in a golf cart.

Practical Considerations

Two golf carts, one labeled "Bintelli" and the other "Icon," parked side by side in a spacious outdoor setting. Clear signage and branding visible

As you weigh your options between Bintelli and Icon golf carts, understanding the practicalities regarding cost, durability, and support can greatly influence your decision.

Cost and Affordability

When considering a golf cart, budget is often top of mind. Icon golf carts tend to be more affordable on the entry-level, with base models such as the I40 starting around $7,500. In contrast, Bintelli’s lineup, like the Beyond 4PR street-legal golf cart, starts at approximately $9,000 and can increase with customization options. For budget-conscious buyers, this initial cost difference is crucial.

Durability and Build Quality

The build quality and durability of a golf cart are indicative of its long-term value. While specific details about materials and construction vary, both brands offer carts designed for regular use on and off the golf course. Icon’s larger models may pose challenges with storage due to their size. In terms of reliability, Bintelli carts have a good reputation, including safe street-legal models with consistent performance.

Warranty and Support

The warranty provided can serve as a reflection of a company’s confidence in its product’s quality. Both Bintelli and Icon offer warranties, but the terms and lengths may differ, affecting the long-term value and peace of mind. Additionally, consider the customer service track record; being able to count on responsive and helpful support when issues arise is fundamental.

Usage and Applications

Two golf carts, one labeled "Bintelli" and the other "Icon," parked side by side in a well-maintained golf course

Bintelli and Icon golf carts offer diverse applications beyond just golfing, catering to your personal, commercial, or street-legal driving needs.

Street Legality and LSV

Both Bintelli and Icon produce models that can be legally driven on the streets as low-speed vehicles (LSVs). Your chosen model should comply with local regulations, which generally means having the necessary safety features such as seat belts, headlights, and rearview mirrors. These electric vehicles are suitable for cruising the neighborhood or short-distance travel within gated communities.

Golf Course and Personal Use

When it comes to the golf course, you want a cart that’s efficient and powerful enough to traverse the links with ease. Bintelli golf carts are equipped with a 48-volt AC electric drivetrain, hitting speeds up to 25mph which can make your game day smoother. Icon offers economical choices that don’t skimp on quality, providing you with reliable transportation for personal use both on and off the course.

Commercial and Residential Applications

For commercial needs, such as resorts or large gated communities, the choice between Bintelli and Icon may come down to pricing and customizations. Icon’s affordability is appealing; they offer base models like the I40 that might fit your commercial budget. Bintelli’s range includes more expensive options such as six-seater limousine carts useful for transporting larger groups, often desired in residential community applications or hospitality sectors.

Environmental Impact

Two golf carts, one Bintelli and one Icon, sit side by side in a lush green golf course. The Bintelli cart emits no emissions, while the Icon cart releases a cloud of exhaust

When you’re considering a golf cart, the environmental impact is just as important as the price and features. Both Bintelli and Icon offer options that cater to eco-conscious individuals. Let’s explore how these golf carts measure up in terms of being friendly to Mother Nature.

Eco-Friendly Features

Bintelli golf carts boast a 48-volt AC electric drivetrain. This modern electric drivetrain is not only efficient but also reduces the carbon footprint when compared to traditional gas-powered models. With Bintelli, you’re looking at a clean, green way to get around.

On the other side, Icon golf carts are designed with sustainability in mind. These carts are built to be environmentally friendly, primarily operating on electric power sources which limit the emission of pollutants.

Electric vs Gas Models

  • Electric Vehicles: Both Bintelli and Icon offer electric models. Electric golf carts are inherently more eco-friendly than gas models, producing zero emissions during operation. You’ll enjoy a quiet and clean ride, knowing you’re reducing your environmental impact.

  • Gas Models: While not specifically mentioned in the provided information, it’s important to note that gas models, in general, are less eco-friendly due to emissions. If your focus is on sustainability, electric models from either brand would be the preferred choice over any gas alternatives.

Comparative Analysis

In this section, you’ll discover the pros and cons of both Bintelli and Icon golf carts. Understanding the specifics of their performance, value, and how they are perceived in the market will help you determine which brand suits your needs.

Head-to-Head Comparison

  • Performance: Bintelli carts are known for their 48-volt AC electric drivetrain which allows speeds of up to 25mph, ideal for both golf courses and neighborhood travel. The performance of Icon golf carts, while competitive, emphasizes affordability and quality without the higher speed capabilities of Bintelli carts.

  • Value: When it comes to costs, Bintelli’s Beyond 4PR starts at about $9,300 but increases with additional customizations. Comparatively, Icon’s base model I40 starts at a lower price point, around $7,500, making Icon carts more accessible while still holding on to a standard of quality.

Price Comparison Table:

ModelBintelli (starting price)Icon (starting price)
Base Models$9,300$7,500
Bintelli Beyond 4PR$10,800N/A
Six-seater Limo Cart$13,595N/A
  • Quality & Comfort: Both Bintelli and Icon carts offer comfortable seating and modern features. However, Bintelli often includes more advanced power sources like lithium-ion batteries which can add to the overall quality and lifespan of their carts.

Brand Positioning and Perception

  • Bintelli’s Reputation: Known for high-quality components and advanced technologies, Bintelli has built a reputation for producing durable and high-performing golf carts, which can be reflected in a higher price point.

  • Icon’s Evolution: Icon is perceived as a brand that provides value and reliability, with an emphasis on making their golf carts affordable. They’ve managed to retain quality while being perceived as the more cost-effective option in the market.

  • Difference:

    • Bintelli: Perceived for high performance and innovation in their carts.
    • Icon: Valued for their cost-efficiency and appeal to budget-conscious consumers.

By understanding these aspects, you can weigh the differences between the two brands and decide which brand’s offerings align with your expectations for performance, comfort, and value.

Additional Features and Accessories

When exploring the additional features and accessories of Bintelli and Icon golf carts, you’ll find that both brands offer a range of options that enhance safety, convenience, and enjoyment. From custom wheels to advanced entertainment systems, each brand has unique offerings that cater to your specific desires.

Safety and Lighting

Bintelli: Your safety is a priority, and Bintelli carts reflect this with standard safety features including:

  • Brake lights for better visibility during stops
  • Turn signals and daytime running lights for increased on-road presence

Icon: Icon golf carts focus on keeping you safe with features such as:

  • LED lighting, ensuring you’re seen no matter the time of day
  • Reinforced bumpers, providing an extra layer of safety

Entertainment and Extras

Bintelli: To elevate your riding experience, Bintelli offers:

  • An upgraded sound system to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go
  • A cooler to keep your beverages chilled throughout the day

Icon: Icon adds fun and functionality with options like:

  • A basic sound system for leisurely listening
  • Various compartments and holders to keep your essentials handy while driving

Both Bintelli and Icon understand your need for personal touches, offering custom wheels to give your golf cart a standout look. Keep in mind that while some accessories come as standard features, others may be available for an additional cost.

Customer Experiences

In choosing between Bintelli and Icon golf carts, your experience after the purchase—spanning from the efficacy of customer service to the realities enshrined within the testimonials and reviews—plays an instrumental role. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect.

Testimonials and Reviews

When sifting through testimonials and reviews, you’ll find that Bintelli owners often praise the quality and durability of their carts. With a variety of models, there’s a recurring note of satisfaction with the carts’ performance in both golf courses and on the street.

In contrast, Icon golf cart reviews tend to emphasize the value for the price paid. Users appreciate the affordable starting prices and marked details like quicker acceleration in some models that can provide a more responsive driving experience.

After-Sale Service

Getting into the specifics of after-sale service, your peace of mind is partly assured by the warranties offered by both companies. For instance, responses regarding support and customer service among Bintelli users point to a company that values your post-purchase satisfaction.

Icon, on the other hand, is commended for affordability without compromising on service quality. They are known to provide reliable customer support, ensuring that any issues you might encounter are resolved with due consideration, further enhancing their reputation in the market.


When choosing between Bintelli and Icon golf carts, consider both brands’ offering in terms of affordability and quality. Icon golf carts provide you with a cost-effective option, with prices for models like the baseline I40 starting around $7,500.

Bintelli carts start at approximately $9,300, with the Beyond 4PR street-legal cart being a popular model. It’s worth noting the Bintelli Beyond 4PR can climb to about $10,800 and further with customizations, reflecting a higher price tag for additional features or designs.

Speed-wise, you won’t find much difference; both brands usually hit a top speed of up to 25 mph, sufficient for most golf course requirements. That said, some Icon models may offer slightly higher speeds and potentially better acceleration.

Starting PriceAround $9,300 (Beyond 4PR)About $7,500 (Base I40)
Top SpeedUp to 25 mphUp to 25+ mph (some models)
CustomizationHigher cost with added customizationsMore cost-effective customization
Special ModelsSix-seater limousine cart up to $13,595Varies by model

Lastly, Bintelli golf carts feature a 48-volt AC electric drivetrain known for its efficiency, while Icon focuses on delivering affordability without skimping on essentials. Whether you prioritize price, speed, or the luxury of customization, your perfect golf cart awaits within these two evolving brands. Remember to check the latest models from both Bintelli and Icon, as each year can bring exciting advancements and value to your golf cart experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find the answers to some of the most common inquiries regarding the Bintelli and Icon golf carts, such as pricing differences, features, consumer reviews, common issues, reliability, and unique benefits.

What are the pricing differences between Bintelli and Icon golf carts?

Icon golf carts generally start at a lower price point than Bintelli carts. While the starting price for an Icon golf cart is around $7,500, Bintelli carts begin closer to $9,300, with luxury models going up to approximately $13,595.

How do Bintelli golf cart features compare to those of Icon golf carts?

Both brands offer a top speed of up to 25 miles per hour, although some Icon models may exceed this slightly. Icon golf carts are known for being affordable without skimping on quality, whereas Bintelli carts are recognized for their reliability and the option for customization, which can increase their price.

Can you find consumer reviews on Bintelli golf carts?

Yes, consumer reviews on Bintelli golf carts are available online through various forums, review sites, and the manufacturers’ websites. These reviews can provide insights into user experiences with Bintelli carts.

What common issues do owners report with Bintelli golf carts?

Owners have reported issues that vary by model and individual cart, but specifics aren’t widely documented. It’s important to check the latest consumer feedback for accurate information on Bintelli cart issues.

How does the reliability of Icon golf carts stack up against other brands?

Icon golf carts are often praised for their value and stylish designs, achieving a favorable position in terms of reliability when compared to other golf cart manufacturers, especially given their competitive pricing.

Are there benefits to choosing a Bintelli golf cart over other manufacturers?

Choosing a Bintelli golf cart can be beneficial for their reputation for quality and the wide range of customizable options they offer, which can cater to specific needs or preferences for a street-legal or off-road golf cart.


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