Honda Pioneer 700-4 Review: Your Dependable Companion

When considering a vehicle that offers both utility and recreational capabilities, the Honda Pioneer 700-4 invariably comes to the forefront. This side-by-side is designed to cater to both work and play, offering a versatile experience to its users. Whether you’re traversing rugged trails or hauling gear across a farm, the Honda Pioneer 700-4 exhibits a notable balance between functionality and comfort.

A Honda Pioneer 700 4 parked in a rugged off-road setting, surrounded by rocky terrain and dense foliage

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 is known for its reliability and sturdy construction. A hitch, independent rear suspension, and a quiet muffler are just a few features that highlight its utilitarian design. For those looking for a more personalized touch, the Deluxe models offer additional comforts such as manual-shift mode, power steering, and upgraded bodywork. This combination of features makes the Pioneer 700-4 a solid choice for individuals who demand a vehicle that can keep up with diverse tasks and environments.

Key Takeaways

  • The Honda Pioneer 700-4 is a versatile side-by-side that balances work capabilities with recreational use.
  • Equipped with a range of features, the vehicle is designed for both comfort and rugged functionality.
  • Deluxe models offer enhanced features for a more customized and comfortable driving experience.

Overview of the Honda Pioneer 700-4

As you explore the world of UTVs, the Honda Pioneer 700-4 stands out as a versatile and robust choice for both work and recreation. Its ability to accommodate up to four passengers makes it a popular option for a variety of outdoor activities.

Honda Pioneer Heritage

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 is part of a respected lineage of UTVs known for their reliability and performance. Honda, also the maker of the notable Big Red, has established a reputation for designing side-by-sides that thrive in the most demanding conditions. The Pioneer 700 carries this legacy forward with a blend of work-readiness and off-road capability.

  • Engine: Known for dependability
  • Capacity: Seats up to four passengers comfortably
  • Versatility: Equipped for both work tasks and trail adventures

The Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe Model

The Deluxe variant of the Honda Pioneer 700-4 introduces enhancements that justify its position at the pinnacle of the range. With exclusive color options such as Red or Reactor Blue and a striking Matte Gray Metallic, the Deluxe model catches the eye both on and off the trail.

  • Transmission: Automatic with manual mode for greater control
  • Suspension: Independent rear suspension for smoother rides
  • Features: Torso bars for added safety, a quiet muffler to reduce noise, and a hitch for towing needs

Overall, the Deluxe model’s additional features, like the upscale paint and upgraded transmission options, provide an elevated experience for both the driver and passengers.

Key Features

In exploring the Honda Pioneer 700-4, you’ll notice a robust set of features designed to offer reliability and functionality, whether it’s for work or play.

Engine and Performance

Your Honda Pioneer is propelled by a 675cc liquid-cooled engine that’s tailored for consistent power delivery and good torque. The engine’s design contributes to its reliable performance, making it suitable for a range of tasks, from towing to trail riding. The engine braking system is beneficial when descending hills, helping to maintain control and preserve brake pads by using engine compression resistance to slow the vehicle.

Transmission and Handling

You’ll find the automated transmission featuring a hydraulic torque converter, three forward gears, and reverse. You have the option to switch between automatic mode, which adjusts to your driving conditions, and manual mode for more direct control. The power steering facilitates nimble handling, reducing steering effort and kickback through the wheel, which is particularly helpful when navigating rough terrain or during long working hours.

Capacity and Utility

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 demonstrates impressive utility, sporting a towing capacity of up to 1,500 pounds and a bed capacity of up to 1,000 pounds. It’s built to handle your hauling needs, whether you’re on a farm or a hunting trip. Meanwhile, the QuickFlip seating system allows you to quickly convert the cargo space for passenger use, offering flexibility for carrying additional crew or cargo as needed.

Technology and Innovation

With selectable 2WD/4WD, you can adapt the Pioneer to various conditions, enhancing traction in mud or over hills. The Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe comes equipped with additional features and accessories to elevate your experience. These can range from protective elements like a skid plate and enhanced suspension to various other innovative OEM add-ons that can help you customize your Pioneer to suit your specific needs.

Design and Comfort

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 sits on a rugged trail, surrounded by lush greenery. Its sleek design and comfortable interior are highlighted under the warm sunlight

When considering the Honda Pioneer 700-4, your eye for detail will appreciate the model’s blend of form and function, putting a premium on both aesthetics and rider comfort.

Exterior Styling and Dimensions

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 strikes an impressive pose with its robust and purposeful design. Its exterior styling is modern, featuring painted bodywork available in a variety of colors, including an option for a Matte Gray Metallic finish that gives it a sleek and durable look. The hard-working attitude is complemented by aluminum wheels that are not only tough but also add a touch of class to the overall appearance.


  • Length: Spanning a length that supports stability and space.
  • Width: Ideal for maneuvering through trails while providing a comfortable space inside.
  • Height: Calibrated for a balanced center of gravity and overhead clearance.

Interior and Seating

Within the cab, you’ll find a welcoming space designed for your comfort and convenience. The seating accommodates up to four passengers, with the rear seats easily foldable to switch between passenger and cargo configurations. Seat design provides both the driver and passenger with ample support and comfort, especially evident in the Deluxe model.

Notable interior features include:

  • Roll cage: Designed for safety, without compromising on space or visibility.
  • Side nets: An added safety feature to keep you secure while riding.
  • Paddle shifters: Available in the Deluxe trim, they offer precise control and enhance the driving experience.

The machine’s fit and finish reflect Honda’s commitment to quality, ensuring you get a vehicle that’s not only comfortable but also one that holds up to the demands of off-road adventure. The liquid-cooled engine system ensures your ride stays cool, and the generous fuel capacity means fewer stops and more exploration.

Off-Road Capabilities

The Honda Pioneer 700 4 powers through rugged terrain, conquering steep hills and rocky paths with ease

Your Honda Pioneer 700-4 is designed to tackle rough terrain with confidence. From its robust suspension system to its adept 4-wheel drive, you’re equipped to handle the challenges of the trail ahead.

Suspension System

Your Pioneer 700-4 features an independent suspension with dual A-arms at the front and rear. This allows for a smooth ride over obstacles. The suspension travel reaches 7.9 inches in the front and 9.1 inches in the rear, helping to maintain tire contact and comfort over uneven ground.

Traction and Stability

With a sway bar-equipped rear suspension and thoughtful weight distribution, the Pioneer 700-4 maintains traction on tricky surfaces. The generous 10.7 inches of ground clearance ensures that you can navigate over rocks and ruts with less risk of underbody damage. The wheelbase also contributes to your vehicle’s stable handling.

4-Wheel Drive System

At the flip of a switch, you can engage the 4-wheel drive system of your Pioneer 700-4. When the going gets tough, you can rely on the 4WD system and the available differential lock to provide extra traction. In conditions that don’t demand all four wheels, you can opt for 2WD to save fuel and reduce wear.

Safety and Reliability

A Honda Pioneer 700 4 parked in a rugged terrain, surrounded by mountains and forests. The vehicle exudes strength and dependability

When considering the Honda Pioneer 700-4, your safety and the vehicle’s reliability are paramount. This section will focus on the specific features designed to keep you safe and the build quality that ensures a dependable experience every time you ride.

Braking System

Your Honda Pioneer 700-4 is equipped with disc brakes that provide consistent and reliable stopping power. This helps you maintain control in a variety of terrain and conditions. Always make sure to check the health of your brakes regularly as a part of your safety routine.

Build Quality and Durability

The build quality of your Honda Pioneer 700-4 adds to its reliability. The roll cage is a critical feature, designed to protect you in the event of a rollover. This robust protective frame is part of the vehicle’s sturdy construction.

With durability as a cornerstone, you can count on the Pioneer’s ability to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures. Its longevity is supported by Honda’s reputation for reliable machines, making it a trustworthy vehicle for your outdoor activities.

Additional Features

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 is parked on a rugged trail, surrounded by lush greenery and towering trees. The sun shines down, casting dappled shadows on the vehicle's sleek exterior

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 is outfitted with an array of features designed to enhance your driving experience, focusing on the convenience and utility aspects that come standard with this model.

Lighting and Electrical

Your Honda Pioneer 700-4 comes equipped with dependable headlights for clear visibility during dawn, dusk, or night-time rides. The addition of bed lights proves extremely helpful for tasks after dark, whether you’re loading cargo or setting up camp. For those of you considering additional utility options, the vehicle is pre-wired for a winch, making installation easier if you choose to enhance your UTV’s capabilities.

Convenience and Storage

Convenience is key in your Pioneer 700-4. Electric power steering comes with the Deluxe trim, offering you smoother handling and lessening fatigue on long rides. Storage is generous; a large glove box and additional dash storage cubbies are thoughtfully integrated for you to stow personal items and gear securely. The door features upsized cup holders, ensuring that even a large tumbler stays put through bumpy trails.

Performance and Specifications

The Honda Pioneer 700 4 is showcased in action, highlighting its performance and specifications

In exploring the performance and specifications of the Honda Pioneer 700-4, you’ll find that its 675cc single-cylinder OHV engine provides a balance of efficiency and power, coupled with a responsive transmission to suit varied riding conditions.

Pioneer 700-4 Speed and Acceleration

  • Engine: 675cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Transmission: Automotive-style automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter, three forward gears, and Reverse. Two drive modes include 2WD and 4WD.
  • Acceleration: The 675cc engine delivers smooth and predictable acceleration, ensuring you can navigate through trails and over obstacles with confidence.

Handling and Agile Performance

  • Steering: Equipped with an easy steering mechanism, it allows for precise control and maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Suspension:
    • Front: Independent double-wishbone; 7.9 inches of travel
    • Rear: Independent double-wishbone; 9.1 inches of travel
  • Handling: Designed to be nimble on the trails, the Pioneer 700-4’s handling is characterized by its stability and responsive feedback to the driver, contributing to an enjoyable and controlled riding experience.

User Experience and Reviews

In this section, we’ll explore real-world performance from the lens of drivers like you. You’ll find insights on how the Honda Pioneer 700-4 holds up when tackling terrain and how it adapts to various needs.

Driving Experience

When you slide into the driver’s seat of the Honda Pioneer 700-4, expect a robust drive. The vehicle’s traction and handling are tailored to give you confidence, no matter the landscape. With features like power steering, manoeuvring through tight trails becomes less strenuous.

  • Traction: Enhanced grip across various surfaces.
  • Handling: Precise and responsive, even on challenging terrain.
  • Power Steering: Lightens the effort needed to steer, improving control.

Practical Use and Versatility

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 isn’t just about leisurely rides; it’s built for utility. Whether you’re using it for family recreation or hauling gear to a remote hunting location, the suspension system and the quiet engine won’t let you down.

  • Suspension: Boasts competitive wheel travel, soaking up bumps effectively.
    • Front Wheel Travel: 7.9 inches
    • Rear Wheel Travel: 9.1 inches
  • Practicality: Seats up to four, with a quiet muffler for a less intrusive sound profile.

Its adaptability is exemplified in its general build, enabling you to navigate terrain at elevations from 3000 to over 6500 feet without a hitch.

Comparative Analysis

In your quest for the perfect UTV, it is vital to know how your options stack up against each other. This section provides a detailed comparison between the Honda Pioneer 700-4, its closely related family member—the Pioneer 1000—as well as its market competitors.

Competitor Comparison

When you look at the UTV market, the Honda Pioneer 700-4 finds itself competing closely with several other side-by-sides. Your decision might be influenced by factors such as price, features, and performance. Here’s a brief breakdown of how the Pioneer 700-4 measures up:

  • Price: Cost-effective in comparison to many competitors, the Pioneer 700-4 offers substantial savings, especially when you consider its capacity to haul four occupants.
  • Features: Recent models of the Pioneer 700-4 add a tilt-up steering wheel and increased storage space. In deluxe editions, features like electric power steering and aluminum wheels are significant value-adds.
  • Performance: With competitive wheel travel, solid independant rear suspension, and enhanced safety measures, the Pioneer 700-4 holds its own against rival models.

Honda Pioneer 700-4 vs. Pioneer 1000

When you compare the Honda Pioneer 700-4 with the Pioneer 1000, you’re looking at two machines from the same manufacturer that cater to different segments of the UTV market.

  • Engine: The Pioneer 1000 comes with a more powerful engine, making it suitable for more demanding tasks.
  • Seating Capacity: Both can accommodate multiple passengers, but the 700-4 focuses on efficient space usage with its versatile seating arrangement.
  • Price: The 700-4 is more budget-friendly, which makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking for functionality without the premium price tag of the 1000.
  • Features: The Pioneer 1000 has seen significant updates, which might tip the scales if you’re after the latest and greatest technology.

By assessing both your needs and these differences, you ensure that your choice between the Honda Pioneer 700-4 and the Pioneer 1000 is informed and tailored to your specific desires in a UTV.

Pricing and Value

When considering a new UTV like the Honda Pioneer 700-4, you’ll want to evaluate its pricing carefully and understand the value it offers for your money. Here, we’ll break down the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and financing options, followed by a cost-to-value consideration of the Honda Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe.

MSRP and Financing

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 comes with different price tags depending on the model and trim level. For the base models, you’re looking at the following MSRP:

  • 2023 Pioneer 700: $11,799
  • 2023 Pioneer 700-4: $13,299

If you’re interested in higher-end trims, expect the following MSRP:

  • 2023 Pioneer 700 Deluxe: $13,399
  • 2023 Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe: $14,899
  • 2023 Pioneer 700 Forest: $15,399
  • 2023 Pioneer 700-4 Forest: $16,899

You might find financing options available through your Honda dealer. This can be an excellent way to spread out the cost over time, especially if you qualify for a low-interest rate.

Cost-to-Value Consideration

Considering the Honda Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe, you’ll notice it’s a middle-tier option with a balance between features and price, landing at an MSRP of $14,899. This value can be justified by the:

  • Additional features over the base model
  • Comfortably seats up to four
  • Reputation for durability and reliability that Honda provides

The Deluxe edition typically offers add-ons like upgraded wheels, paint options, and sometimes improved suspension components. Think about what these enhancements mean for you practically—whether they’re worth the extra investment over the base models. Remember to factor in the potential long-term durability and the resale value of Honda UTVs, which can contribute to the overall value proposition.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

When considering the Honda Pioneer 700-4 for your next UTV, it’s clear this model offers a solid balance between reliability and performance. Honda, known for their dependable vehicles, has made no exception with this UTV.

  • Reliability: You can expect the same steadfastness that Honda is celebrated for. Regular maintenance should help ensure its longevity, allowing you to focus on the experiences rather than repair schedules.
  • Performance: The Pioneer 700-4 may not be the fastest in its class, but it delivers consistent power and is capable of navigating a variety of terrains with ease.

If you’re seeking a vehicle that accommodates up to four passengers and manages to provide a comfortable ride, the 700-4 is a commendable choice. Its versatility makes it suitable for both work duties and recreational trails.

For those of you craving a UTV with customizable options, the Deluxe model might be the go-to, offering an appealing balance between features and cost.

Here’s a quick breakdown for your convenience:

ModelSeatingNotable Features
Pioneer 700-44Standard Model
Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe4Enhanced Features
Pioneer 700-4 Forest4Focused on Utility

Remember to always wear safety gear and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines while operating any UTV. Your new Honda Pioneer 700-4 awaits to embark on countless adventures with you. Happy trails!

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find answers to common queries about the Honda Pioneer 700-4, including details on improvements, maintenance costs, performance, comfort, and comparisons between different models.

What improvements have been made in the latest model of the Honda Pioneer 700-4 compared to previous years?

The latest Honda Pioneer 700-4 comes with updated features like a new front bumper/fascia and graphics. Enhanced safety measures include new torso bars for both the passenger and driver.

What are the common maintenance costs associated with the Honda Pioneer 700-4?

Your Honda Pioneer 700-4 will require regular maintenance such as oil changes, air filter replacements, and tire servicing. Costs vary but are generally in line with other side-by-sides in its class.

How does the Honda Pioneer 700-4 perform in off-road conditions?

Equipped with independent rear suspension and competitive wheel travel—7.9 inches at the front and 9.1 inches at the back—the Honda Pioneer 700-4 is designed to handle challenging off-road terrains efficiently.

Can you share experiences about the comfort and space provided in the Honda Pioneer 700-4 for both driver and passengers?

Users often praise the Honda Pioneer 700-4 for its comfortable seating for up to four occupants and its versatile cargo bed conversion, which underscores its functionality for both recreation and utility purposes.

What are the primary differences between the standard and Deluxe versions of the Honda Pioneer 700-4?

The Deluxe model of the Honda Pioneer 700-4 offers additional features like electric power steering, aluminum wheels, a manual shifting mode, and a choice between two colors, for a price increase over the standard model.

How does the Honda Pioneer 700-4 compare to other side-by-side vehicles in terms of reliability?

The Pioneer 700-4 is regarded for its reliability, often compared favorably to other side-by-sides. It’s built to Honda’s high standards, ensuring it can withstand extensive use in various conditions.


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