Kawasaki Mule 410 Review: Your Dependable Companion

The Kawasaki Mule 4010 series stands as a testament to utility and versatility in the world of off-road vehicles. Esteemed for its robust design, the Mule 4010 lineup caters to those in need of a reliable workhorse capable of tackling a variety of tasks. With models such as the standard 4×4 and the Fleet Edition, users are offered a spectrum of functionalities tailored to both work-intensive and casual riding needs. The Trans4x4 in particular, is unique for its ability to switch between a two-seat and a four-seat configuration, offering both additional passenger space and a larger cargo bed when needed.

A Kawasaki Mule 410 parked in a rustic setting, surrounded by rugged terrain and lush greenery. The vehicle is shown from a side angle, with its sturdy build and off-road capabilities emphasized

Pioneering the utility vehicle segment, Kawasaki has infused the Mule 4010 with essential features that enhance its practicality in a multitude of environments. From farms to rugged trails, the power and dependability of the Mule 4010 make it a sought-after companion for those requiring a mix of performance and utility. Comfort and convenience are not overlooked, with models featuring various amenities to improve the riding experience, while maintenance aspects are designed for ease to ensure longevity and durability. Additionally, with a range of safety features in place, the Mule provides a secure platform for both work and recreational pursuits.

Key Takeaways

  • The Kawasaki Mule 4010 series offers a blend of performance and utility for diverse environments.
  • Features such as the Trans4x4’s configurable seating highlight the vehicle’s versatility.
  • Emphasizing ease of use, the Mule maintains a balance between comfort, maintenance, and safety.


In this section, you’ll find a concise look at the Kawasaki Mule 410, highlighting its heritage, position in the Mule series lineup, and its specific design and styling features.

Heritage and Brand

Kawasaki is a name that resonates deep in the world of power sports. With a storied background in both recreational and utility vehicles, the Mule—Kawasaki’s lineup of Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs)—carries a legacy of dependability and versatility. The brand itself has become synonymous with durability and utility, particularly noted in the manufacturing of motorcycles and ATVs.

Mule Series Line-Up

The Mule series offers a range of models, with the Mule 410 featuring as one of their compact, yet robust, two-seater UTVs. It’s ready for both work and play, providing a balance between performance and utility. This lineup includes:

  • Mule SX: A model boasting simplicity and functionality for straightforward tasks.
  • Mule 4000/4010: Step-up versions with increased power and capacity.
  • Mule 4010 Trans 4×4: Unique for its four-seater capability, offering more space for crew or cargo.

Design and Styling

When it comes to design and styling, the Mule 410 doesn’t disappoint. The vehicle is designed with a rugged aesthetic that reflects its workhorse nature, yet it includes ergonomic features that enhance your comfort while handling tough tasks. It typically features:

  • Body: Boxy, yet streamlined for efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • Seats: Contoured for comfort, ensuring you stay relaxed even after hours of use.
  • Cargo Bed: The largest in its class, enabling you to carry more supplies or equipment in one go.

Key Specifications

A Kawasaki Mule 410 parked in a rugged outdoor setting, surrounded by dirt and rocks, with a clear blue sky in the background

In this section, you’ll get to know the essential specs of the Kawasaki Mule 4010 that keep it running strong. From the engine’s power to how far it can go on a tank of fuel, these are the details you need to consider.

Engine and Performance

The Kawasaki Mule 4010 is equipped with a 617cc, V-twin engine that provides ample power for a variety of tasks. This engine is liquid-cooled to maintain performance and prevent overheating during heavy use. You’ll find that it delivers enough torque to handle both work-related tasks and trail riding.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Overall Length: Notably long to provide stability and space.
  • Overall Width: Sufficient to remain stable without being too wide for trails.
  • Overall Height: Built to clear obstacles without compromising center of gravity.
  • Ground Clearance: Optimized to navigate uneven terrain.
  • Curb Weight: Balanced to enhance handling while being robust enough for hauling.

Transmission and Drive System

The Mule 4010 features a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that provides smooth power delivery. You can switch between 2WD and 4WD modes, making it versatile enough to adapt to changing conditions or terrain. The 4×4 drive system ensures reliable traction where you need it most.

Fuel Economy and Capacity

With a fuel capacity of 6.3 gallons, you can expect the Mule 4010 to have a substantial range, providing you with more time on the go and less time refueling. It’s built to be efficient, balancing fuel consumption with performance, so you can work longer without worry.

Handling and Control

The Kawasaki Mule 410 is being expertly handled and controlled, navigating through rough terrain with ease and precision

When you’re navigating rough terrain or managing tasks on your property, the Kawasaki Mule 410’s handling and control systems are pivotal for a stable and responsive ride. The vehicle is designed with your comfort and the machine’s capability in mind, making it adept for various conditions.

Steering and Suspension

Your Kawasaki Mule 410’s steering is complemented by electric power steering (EPS), which significantly reduces the effort needed to turn the wheel, especially when stationary or at low speeds. This feature adds to the nimbleness of the vehicle during tasks that require precision and finesse.

  • Front Suspension: Comes equipped with a MacPherson strut type of suspension, which helps absorb bumps and provides a decent amount of wheel travel to maintain tire contact with the ground.
  • Rear Suspension: The rear features a robust suspension system tailored for load-carrying stability and ride comfort.

With this setup, you’re likely to experience a balance of vehicle control and comfort, whether you’re hauling equipment or traversing uneven ground.

Braking System

Your safety relies heavily on the effectiveness of your vehicle’s brakes.

  • Brakes: The Mule 410 is equipped with a reliable disc braking system that ensures timely and consistent stopping power.
  • Rear Differential: Featuring a rear differential lock, the Mule 410 enables you to maximize traction when the going gets tough, enhancing the braking performance in various terrains.

Knowing your vehicle’s braking system can handle the demands of your work can provide peace of mind and help maintain control regardless of your load or the conditions.

Utility and Off-Road Capabilities

Your Kawasaki Mule 4010, designed for both utility tasks and navigating off-road trails, excels in versatility. Its towing and payload capacities make it a reliable workhorse, while its well-designed cargo space ensures you can carry what you need for the long haul.

Towing and Payload

Towing Capacity: You’ll find your Mule 4010 can tow up to 1,200 lbs, which is suitable for a variety of tasks, whether it’s hauling supplies or trailing equipment around the farm.

Payload Capacity: When it comes to carrying a load, the vehicle has a payload capacity of up to 800 lbs. The sturdy rear suspension ensures stability even when you’re carrying a full load.

Cargo and Storage Options

Cargo Bed: Your Mule’s cargo bed is a highlight, designed with functionality in mind. With dimensions typically around 48 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 11 inches deep, there’s ample room for your tools and supplies.

  • Material: The bed is usually constructed of a durable steel, perfect for heavy-duty use.
  • Rake Mechanism: An easy-to-use rake mechanism allows you to easily dump the contents of the cargo bed, saving you time and effort.

As you traverse rugged terrain, the utility of the Mule 4010 is evident, with its off-road capabilities matching its prowess in fulfilling hauling and cargo transportation needs.

Comfort and Convenience

The Kawasaki Mule 410 sits parked in a serene countryside setting, surrounded by lush greenery and bathed in warm sunlight

When stepping into a Kawasaki Mule 410, you’ll discover features focused on enhancing both your comfort and the overall convenience of your utility vehicle experience.

Seating and Accessibility

The Mule 410 offers a generous bench seat designed to accommodate multiple passengers, enhancing the overall accessibility of the vehicle. You’ll find that the seating is positioned to offer ease of entry and exit, which can be particularly beneficial when frequently stopping to tackle tasks. The seating arrangement is optimized for comfort during extended periods of operation.

Visibility and Instrumentation

The dash layout in the Mule 410 places an emphasis on clarity and ease of use. You have a straightforward analog speedometer, and essential indicators like a coolant temperature warning light are visible at a glance. While driving, your view is unobstructed, offering excellent visibility which is crucial for both safety and precision in operation. Steering wheel adjustments and controls are intuitively placed for your convenience, making it effortless to switch between neutral and reverse as well as other vehicle operations. The cab design complements these features by providing a protective yet comfortable environment, accommodating your needs across diverse conditions.

Durability and Maintenance

The Kawasaki Mule 410 is parked in a rugged terrain, with mud splattered on its durable exterior. A mechanic is seen performing maintenance on the vehicle, checking the engine and wheels

When considering the Kawasaki Mule 410, you’re looking at a vehicle that has a reputation for durability. The chassis is designed to withstand the demands of off-road use, which means it can handle rough terrain and typical farm tasks without falling apart on you. The Dedion axle setup contributes to this toughness, ensuring stable handling even under load.

Your maintenance routine for the Mule 410 shouldn’t be a headache. With its diesel-powered engine, you get a balance of efficiency and reliable performance. Diesel engines are known for their longevity, and with regular maintenance, you can expect yours to last. Keep in mind the importance of timely oil changes, air filter checks, and making sure engine braking components are in top condition.

Reliability is a cornerstone of the Mule 410. It’s built to be a trusty workhorse. However, in the unlikely event you run into issues, the Kawasaki dealer network is a resource for parts, service, and advice. This support system helps ensure your Mule remains in good working order.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what to keep on your radar:

  • Engine: Diesel power for robust and efficient performance.
  • Axle: Dedion axle for durability and stability.
  • Braking: Engine braking requires regular checks to maintain safety and control.
  • Warranty: Check the specifics of your warranty for peace of mind.

Remember, staying on top of maintenance is key to ensuring your Kawasaki Mule 410 remains a reliable asset for your work and adventures. Regular check-ups at your dealer can help catch any issues early and keep you moving.

Safety Features

The Kawasaki Mule 410 is parked in a rugged outdoor setting, with a focus on its safety features such as roll bars, seat belts, and protective body panels

When you’re considering a Kawasaki Mule 410, your safety is as important as the vehicle’s rugged performance. Let’s look at what keeps you safe on your rides:

  • Parking Brake: Your Mule is equipped with a reliable parking brake system. It ensures your vehicle stays put when parked, even on inclines, giving you peace of mind when you’re loading or unloading cargo.
  • Brakes: The braking system is designed to provide you with dependable stopping power. Regular maintenance is essential to keep them functioning optimally.
  • Speed: The Mule’s design considers the balance between power and control. Its speed capabilities are aligned with safety, making sure you can enjoy the ride without unnecessary risks.
  • Disc Brakes: Some models come with disc brakes, offering improved stopping power and increased durability over time, especially in rough terrain.

Remember that the best safety feature is your own cautious driving. Always adhere to the recommended speed limits and guidelines provided by Kawasaki, and ensure your brakes are checked regularly to keep them in top working condition. Stay safe and enjoy your adventure!

Options and Variants

When you’re considering a Kawasaki Mule, you’ll find there are several models and trim levels to choose from, each catering to different needs and preferences. Price points and features vary, ensuring there’s a fit for your specific requirements.

Model Comparisons

  • Kawasaki Mule SX 4×4: A more compact option with an MSRP starting around $8,099, suitable for narrow trails and tight spaces.
  • Kawasaki Mule 4010 4×4: Offers a two-seat configuration with robust utility and performance.
  • Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans 4×4: The only four-seater in this lineup, with the versatility to switch between additional seating and extra cargo space.

Trim Levels and Pricing

Kawasaki Mule 4010:

  • Base Model: Two-seater with essential features for work and play.
  • Fleet Edition (FE): Starting at a few hundred dollars more than the base, this trim adds useful upgrades for professional use.

MSRP Ranges:

  • Mule SX 4×4: From $8,099 (Base model may have rebates)
  • Mule 4010 4×4: Specific pricing varies
  • Mule 4010 Trans 4×4: Approximately $12,799
  • 2024 Mule 4010 Trans4x4 FE: Estimated at $13,499, offering a plastic roof and hi-vis orange seat belts among other features.

Table of Color Choices for Select Models:

ModelColors Available
Mule SX 4×4Timberline Green, Dark Royal Red
Mule 4010 4×4Timberline Green
Mule 4010 Trans 4×4Timberline Green, Dark Royal Red
Mule 4010 Trans4x4 FEBright White

Remember, with each step up in trim level, you receive more features that can enhance your driving experience, from additional seats to improved comfort and utility.

Consumer Insights

When you’re considering a utility vehicle like the Kawasaki Mule, getting a sense from current owners can be invaluable. This section brings forward real user experiences and the Mule’s reputation in terms of reliability.

User Reviews and Testimonials

You’ll find that owners generally praise the Kawasaki Mule for its durability and functionality. Here are some insights derived from user reviews:

  • Performance: Users appreciate the vehicle for its workhorse nature, often handling demanding tasks like hauling and towing without a hitch.
  • Usability: Ease of use is frequently mentioned, with the Mule being credited for its user-friendly design that makes climbing in and out a breeze.

Keep in mind, these are real opinions from individuals who’ve had hands-on experience with the Mule over various terrains and jobs.

Reputation and Reliability

The Kawasaki Mule has built a reputation for reliability over the years. Here’s what you should know:

  • Longevity: Mule vehicles are often noted for their longevity, with some units still performing after 20 years of service.
  • Comparison with Others: In a head-to-head with other UTVs, the Mule stands out for its practical features and solid construction, often compared favorably to other vehicles like the Massimo T-Boss 410.

Remember, for any vehicle, availability of parts and after-sales support are critical, and Kawasaki tends to score well on these aspects, enhancing their overall reliability.

Purchase Considerations

When you’re in the market for a Kawasaki Mule 4010, it’s essential to weigh various factors before you make your purchase. Let’s outline some of the key aspects you should consider:

MSRP and Dealer Prices:

  • The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the Kawasaki Mule 4010 starts at around $10,299.
  • Prices may fluctuate based on your location and the dealership. It’s a good idea to compare prices among local dealers to find the best deal.


  • If you’re looking at the Trans 4×4 model, it can convert from a two-seater to a four-seater, offering versatility for your needs.
  • Consider the range of available accessories that can enhance your Mule’s functionality, such as winches or plows. Remember that adding accessories will affect the final price.


  • Investigate the warranty details. Kawasaki typically offers a strong warranty for its vehicles, ensuring you have peace of mind with your purchase.

4WD and Dimensions:

  • 4WD capability is a highlight, offering better traction in challenging conditions.
  • Check the dimensions of the Mule to ensure it fits your storage space or garage.

Summary Table:

MSRPStarts at approx. $10,299
AccessoriesAvailable; affects final price
WarrantyStandard Kawasaki warranty
DimensionsEnsure compatibility with storage space

Before sealing the deal, test drive your Mule to get a feel for its performance. By considering these factors, you’ll ensure your investment matches your lifestyle and work needs.

Closing Thoughts

When you’re considering the Kawasaki Mule 410, you’re looking at a vehicle designed with practicality in mind. With its utilitarian functions and compact build, it suits your need for a dependable workhorse. You can expect a no-frills, straightforward experience that focuses on getting the job done.


  • The Mule 410’s two-seater capacity brings simplicity and ease, ideal for tackling everyday tasks.
  • The model’s price point is competitive, offering you value, especially when you consider features like the available winch and larger fuel capacity in comparison to rivals.
  • The liquid-cooled engine promises a smoother ride even during extended use.

For those days filled with chores or when you need a reliable aide on your land, the Mule 410 stands ready. It may not boast the thrills of a high-performance ATV, but it will certainly deliver on consistency and utility. As you weigh your options, keep in mind that while this model might have limitations in passenger capacity or recreational features, it’s built with a clear purpose: to serve you as a steadfast partner in your daily endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find answers to common questions about the Kawasaki Mule 4010. Whether you’re curious about performance or reliability, we’ve got you covered.

What are common issues owners encounter with the Kawasaki Mule 4010?

Owners often report issues like difficulty starting in cold weather, problems with the four-wheel-drive system engaging, and occasionally electrical quirks. Regular maintenance tends to keep these issues at bay.

What improvements have been made in the 2021 model of the Kawasaki Mule compared to previous years?

The 2021 model boasts enhanced comfort features such as improved seating and steering, as well as updates to the suspension system for a smoother ride and better handling.

How does the Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans 4×4 perform when used for off-road activities?

The Mule 4010 Trans 4×4 is praised for its ruggedness and versatility on rough terrain, offering dependable traction and a sturdy build suitable for challenging off-road conditions.

Could you provide an overview of the Kawasaki Mule 4010’s horsepower and its impact on performance?

The Kawasaki Mule 4010 features a modest horsepower that is sufficient for hauling and towing tasks around the farm or job site, providing reliable and steady power rather than high-speed thrills.

In a comparison between Polaris Ranger and Kawasaki Mule, which typically comes out on top?

The outcome often depends on the user’s priorities. For those prioritizing durability and longevity, the Kawasaki Mule tends to come out on top, while the Polaris Ranger is often preferred for its higher performance and smoother ride.

How does the Kawasaki Mule stand up in terms of reliability for daily tasks and rugged use?

The Kawasaki Mule is renowned for its reliability, handling daily duties with ease and not shying away from more demanding applications, making it a workhorse in various rugged scenarios.


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